HealthCap: Risk Management & Insurance

Protecting the People Who Provide the Care.

How it began

In 1998 St. Paul Insurance Company was the largest writer of medical malpractice and senior living liability in the country. Times were good, so good that they bought their largest competitor. However, they failed to see the ominous clouds on the horizon. Premium rates had been declining for ten years and during the same time a few savvy plaintiff attorneys figured out how to enrage juries and extract multimillion dollar verdicts against senior living facilities.


By 2001, St. Paul had left the building; and premiums for senior living facilities didn’t just go up, they went through the roof.

Michael Feeney had a track record of building successful insurance operations for distressed industries. Paul Gillihan and Jack Voss, the two largest insurance agents covering Michigan senior living coaxed Michael out of retirement.

Reluctantly, Michael agreed, but on one condition. It was time to rethink everything.

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August 11, 2001

On August 11, 2001 HealthCap® was born as a captive facility for Michigan-based senior living facilities and became the industry solution to an insurance problem.

Rethinking everything means ...

...focusing on preventing claims before they occur with a hands-on risk management focus that puts experienced industry professionals into members’ buildings every year.

...only working with insurance agents who are also industry experts.

...never being satisfied.

...proactively managing claims to drive down claim severity.

Gears turning


HealthCap® becomes the industry solution to an insurance problem.


HealthCap® started in Michigan, but word spread fast and soon HealthCap® was in Illinois and Ohio. Before long providers from all across the country wanted to join. So HealthCap® Risk Retention Group was formed in November 2003. Within a year HealthCap® was truly nationwide.
Exceptional Financial Stability Rating
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HUD liability insurer
The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) made their 232 Program available to senior living facilities and created standards for liability insurers of applicants. Demotech, a leading insurance rating agency, was approved by HUD and by extension insurers with a Demotech A rating qualified to insure program applicants. HealthCap® received an A rating. HealthCap® continued to grow.


ANCC accreditation
In 2008 Risk Management Services was accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). HealthCap® risk management programs qualified HealthCap® members and program participants for continuing education credits. American Nurses Credentialing Center


Stock market collapses
Later in 2008 the stock market collapses. HealthCap®, with its high-quality investment portfolio, posts a profit—unlike most insurers.


AHCA/NCAL endorsement

In 2009 HealthCap® is endorsed by the American Health Care Association and National Centers for Assisted Living (AHCA / NCAL) as the preferred liability insurance provider.



HealthCap® is my company
HealthCap® filmed its first video where members and their agents describe why HealthCap® is their company.


25,000 visits

HealthCap® risk managers complete their 25,000th onsite visit. That’s right…over 25,000 on-site risk management visits since HealthCap® began. If you want to know why HealthCap® member claim frequency is half the industry average, just start there.


Competitors fail… HealthCap® endures

In the past ten years over 100 insurance companies tried to write liability insurance for senior living facilities. Premium rates declined because of that level of competition while the cost of lawsuits went up. The result was that 100 insurance companies stopped writing liability insurance for senior living. One bright spot has been the industry solution to an insurance problem, HealthCap®.


Resource & Education Center

Our Resource & Education Center goes open source, allowing access to the knowledge and experience of our Risk Managers to all members of the Senior Living Industry in an effort to improve resident outcomes and reduce risk overall


by the numbers

HealthCap® 2019 Premium Writings rose to $54,962,582. Claim Frequency holds at 0.35% and Claim Severity at $132,985—both well below industry averages. Policyholder surplus rises to $40,528,533 on excellent investment returns.
Claim Frequency


Let's make the industry better

If the industry is better, HealthCap® is better

Open the risk management vault. Risk management resources are available to HealthCap® members and non-members alike. Reengage the industry with a multimedia communication plan. Blogs. Videos. Podcasts. Top industry contributors. Focus on coaching quality and reducing claims.

The Goal.

Reduce claims frequency and severity

To reduce claim frequency and severity we are going to ask our members to focus on four areas:

Take care of your residents.

The quality of care has never been better. Thanks goes to the leadership of AHCA / NCAL and we can take some credit for our small contribution.


Take care of your families.

Relationships matter, particularly when it comes to avoiding litigation.


Take care of your staff.

They take care of your residents.


Get signed and properly executed arbitration agreements.

Facilities and families win and lawyers lose.